There Is More To Pizza Than Cheese


My favorite type of pizza growing up is a thin, cardboard like pizza drenched with cheese. It is awesome seeing the cheese stretch when I take a slice from the pie. Then, I realized that I can get more out of a pizza like protein and fiber when I put more toppings on it! Today’s creation is inspired by How Sweet It Is. From all the recipes, we decided on Crispy Shrimp Pizza!


Chinh and I used almost the same ingredients. However, there are a few tweaks such has using whole wheat crust. We added cherry tomatoes and red peppers along with the shrimp. Then, the topping was organic spring greens mix that was lightly tossed in lemon caesar dressing. I put more dressing on it for design (haha!). Today is pizza night which means cheat night! hhaha






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16 thoughts on “There Is More To Pizza Than Cheese

  1. The best pizza is always the one you make yourself ;-) But I haven’t outgrown the need for a mountain of cheese on my pizza yet… Maybe someday and then I’ll definitely check out your recipes!

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